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The Poetics of the Sign
Bice Lazzari

Polistampa, 2020

Curated by:

Sergio Risaliti

Pages: 120

Features: col ills, hardcover

Size: 24x31

ISBN: 978-88-596-2078-5


A2 / Arte moderna e contemporanea


Bice Lazzari

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English edition

The catalog of the exhibition held at the Museo Novecento in Florence (until February 13, 2020) contains paintings, drawings, design objects and a series of poems by the Venetian artist Bice Lazzari. That selection describes all the research stages of a solitary but most important interpreter of Italian art of the last century: from the most figurative works passing through the informal, to the complete abstraction of forms, until a vocabulary only made of points and lines.

Texts by Sergio Risaliti, Paola Ugolini, Flavia Frigeri, Luca Pietro Nicoletti, Laura Cherubini.