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Athenian Black-Figure Cups from the Campana Collection in the National Archaeological Museum of Florence

Polistampa, 2019

Pagine: 144

Caratteristiche: ill. col., br.

Formato: 24,5x29

ISBN: 978-88-596-2007-5


DSU2 / Archeologia

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The volume presents 304 Athenian black-figure cups and fragments, predominantly Little-Master cups, once part of one of the largest private collections in 19th century, compiled by Giovanni Pietro Campana.
For the first time, the entire group was systematically studied, resulting in new attributions, the discovery of unique scenes, as well as new joins, both within the Florence cluster of fragments as well as outside: illustrated in photo-reconstructions are the 49 connections and joins (so-called disiecta membra) that were found with fragments in other European collections, thus illustrating the unfortunate effects of the eventual dispersion of the Campana collection. The publication of this group of cups and fragments aims to further enhance our knowledge about the products of Athenian craftsmen and their Etruscan customers in the sixth century B.C.