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Era il paese dei morbidi sogni

Polistampa, 2019

Curated by:

Maria Giuseppina Caramella

Pages: 160

Features: paperback

Size: 17x24

ISBN: 978-88-596-1963-5


L9 / Poesia


Marco Marchi, Carmelo Mezzasalma

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Anthology of poems translated into English, French, Spanish, Russian and Swedish

In the “Land of tender dreams”, as imagined by the Italian poet Alberto Caramella (1928-2007), the diversity of languages, cultures and origins is never sparking fear or suspicion, but it’s instead considered an opportunity for anyone to know each other and to learn, thus broadening one’s horizon.

Critical contribution by Marco Marchi, Carmelo Mezzasalma.
Translation by Roberto Bertoni e Cormac Ó Cuilleanáin, Jérôme Bloch and the Istituto Francese di Firenze, Ciaran Carson, Patricia Garde-Grandi, Lars Gustafsson, Anthony Oldcorn, Margara Russotto, Evgenij Solonovich, Valérie Thévenon, Joseph Tusiani.