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Artiste / Women Artists
Firenze 1900-1950

Polistampa, 2018

Curated by:

Lucia Mannini

Chiara Toti

Pages: 120

Features: col ills, paperback

Size: 20x20

ISBN: 978-88-596-1904-8


A2 / Arte moderna e contemporanea

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Italian and English text

“Now that you have a room of your own and the children have grown a bit, will you be painting some?” wrote Fillide Levasti to fellow artist Leonetta Cecchi in 1920. “If so, now is the time for the lovely part to begin!”. Two early twentieth-century women painters and their moving personal letters, hosted at the Marucelliana Library and the Vieusseux’s Contemporary Archive, have inspired a citywide project for art, restoration and research whose keynote exhibition Women Artists. Florence 1900-1950 is a sign of their times. In a Florence filled with female sculptors, painters, illustrators and writers, Cecchi and Levasti formed part of a fascinating network of creative friendships. Together with other equally determined women – Evelyn Scarampi, Vittoria Morelli, Flavia Arlotta, Elisabeth Chaplin, Marisa Mori, Adriana Pincherle and Elena Salvaneschi – they comprise a formidable legacy that spans literature and the visual arts, crossing boundaries from painting to page. With their stories recovered and their art restored, theirs has finally become a journey from storage to spotlight.