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Emo Formichi
Un racconto fotografico di Tamajano, un film di Francesco Faralli / A photographic narrative by Tamajano, a film by Francesco Faralli

Polistampa, 2015

Pages: 88

Features: col ills, 3 folded plates, paperback, book + DVD

Size: 30x20

ISBN: 978-88-596-1533-0


A2 / Arte moderna e contemporanea

TL4 / Spettacolo

TL8 / Fotografia


Emo Formichi

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Italian and English text

Tamajano and Francesco Faralli, two true artists of the image, the authors of this dual work, are splendid guides leading us to a full understanding of the sculptor Emo Formichi, his technique, his ancient and modern wisdom as both artist and man; and the story of his long, diligent, hard-working life. His unswerving perseverance in work, day after day, without a break. I have worked, that’s all, I’ve never had time to count the time.
Tamajano with an astonishing series of photographs, Faralli with a fascinating, informative documentary film where Emo narrates his life story with spontaneous irony, met with him in his workshop, reminiscent of the great “botteghe” of fifteenth-century Tuscany, and followed him as he wandered, like a perceptive diviner, to Pienza and the Val d’Orcia. As he goes, Emo ceaselessly hunts for the most varied objects to be discovered in city dumps and car scrapping sites – places notoriously delegated to receive everything that contemporary consumer society throws away too quickly: parts of engines and car bodies, farm machinery, such familiar objects as forks, spoons and anything else deemed useful by his fertile imagination. I take objects and breathe life into them.