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«Basta con la DC!»
Il mondo cattolico di fronte ai processi di modernizzazione della società italiana (1958-1968)

Polistampa, 2014

Pages: 248

Features: b/w ills, paperback

Size: 17x24

ISBN: 978-88-596-1435-7


Universitario | Storia, 2


DSU1 / Storia

DSU4 / Religione

SS1 / Politica

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Italian text

The Sixties marked an unprecedented transformation of Italian society, with a rapid economic development and with the first effects of the so-called consumer society. That decade was full of events of great religious significance, but also cultural and diplomatic-military, and it sees the changing of languages, topics and reflections of an entire generation.
This essay focuses on the relationship between the Christian Democrat political class and the world of Catholic culture, analyzing the major issues of the cultural and social debate: from music to technology, from internal migration to industrial development, from “welfare” to the new role played by family, from protest to “violence”.
Based on extensive archival records, mostly unpublished or little known, Cioncolini’s research focuses on the cultural and pastoral difficulties of the Catholic thought in dealing with the great changes of those years, making emerge new interpretations of the main ideologies of the Twentieth Century and expanding the reflection on some of the protagonists of that era such as Giorgio La Pira, Amintore Fanfani, Corrado Corghi and Monsignor Giuseppe d’Avack.

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