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Nel cantiere degli umanisti
Per Mariangela Regoliosi

Polistampa, 2014

Curated by:

Lucia Bertolini

Donatella Coppini

Clementina Marsico

Pages: 1512

Features: b/w ills, hardcover, 3 tomes

Size: 16x24

ISBN: 978-88-596-1177-6


L1 / Studi, storia della letteratura


Mariangela Regoliosi

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Italian text (seven contributions in French, four contributions in Spanish)

The book, a tribute to the career of the philologist Mariangela Regoliosi, collects the writings of colleagues, students and friends, both Italian and international. The essays largely focus on the 15th century and on humanists such as Lorenzo Valla and Leon Battista Alberti, ranging in different areas, reflecting the broad spectrum of research interests that characterized the work of the scholar: latin and vulgar poetry, scholarship and science, literal exegesis, history of ideas and ideologies, history and popularity of classic and modern texts, documents, books and documentaries, art history and iconology.
The many international contributions are evidence, as stated in the introduction, “of how Mariangela has been able to weave and keep scientifically and humanly fruitful relations, which turned into comparisons of methodologies, exchange of ideas, shared challenges, solid friendships”.

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