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Giorgio Baratti Gallerie
Scultura italiana del Rinascimento
Statue e rilievi in marmo e pietra, terracotta, stucco e legno, bronzetti e sculture decorative

Polistampa, 2013

Curated by:

Giancarlo Gentilini

David Lucidi

Pages: 168

Features: col ills, cloth

Size: 22x28

ISBN: 978-88-596-1315-2


A1 / Storia dell’arte

A6 / Collezionismo

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Italian and English text

The book is the catalog of the exhibition held in Florence on the occasion of the Biennale International Fair of Antiquariato (2013, 28th edition). It contains 18 masterpieces of fifteenth and sixteenth-century Italian sculpture belonging to Baratti Galleries’ collections (Milan). The works are different for materials (marble, stone, terracotta, wood, bronze) and area of origin, including sculptures by Donatello, Vincenzo Danti, Andrea Riccio and Filarete.
“For those who perceive the evolution of artistic taste,” as Gianluca Gentilini explains in the introductory text, “and are used to historical and artistic studies, as well as to exhibitions deriving from them, it is by now obvious that the critical engagement of new generations is especially characterized by a passionate, fruitful rediscovery of sculpture, with very significant outcomes in the knowledge, protection and enhancement of our heritage, that influence the dynamics of public and private international collectors”.

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