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Giovanni Spadolini: la questione ebraica e lo stato d’Israele
Una lunga coerenza

Polistampa, 2013

Pages: 256

Features: paperback

Size: 17x24

ISBN: 978-88-596-1284-1


Biblioteca della Nuova Antologia | Fondazione Spadolini Nuova Antologia, 35


DSU1 / Storia

SS1 / Politica


Giovanni Spadolini

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Italian text

During his long career as historian, journalist, politician and statesman, Giovanni Spadolini paid constant attention to the Jewish question. For this reason he looked with growing interest to the State of Israel not only as protagonist of the events of the Middle East but also as the expression of an original economic and social formula, as well as of ethical values, by directly connecting the birth of Zionism to Italian Risorgimento, through the teachings of Mazzini and Cattaneo.
The book retraces the evolution of Spadolini’s beliefs, through the different positions he covered: director of «Resto del Carlino» and «Corriere della Sera», Member of Parliament, Minister of Cultural Heritage and Defense, Head of the Government, President of the Senate, as well as secretary of the PRI (Italian Republican Party). It places the evolution of Spadolini’s work and beliefs in the context of the changes that occurred in Middle East from 1947 to 1994, highlighting the birth and the evolution of pan-Arabism and the emergence of a new leadership, the one that ruled Middle Eastern countries for decades until recent “revolutions”.

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