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La forza della speranza
Giorgio La Pira
Storia e immagini di una vita

Polistampa, 2013

Pages: 240

Features: b/w ills, paperback

Size: 21x29,7

ISBN: 978-88-596-1187-5


DSU1 / Storia

DSU4 / Religione

L5 / Biografie

SS1 / Politica


Giorgio La Pira

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Italian text

In January 1997 the La Pira Foundation realized a book with Polistampa Editions (Giorgio La Pira: immagini di storia – Giorgio La Pira: images of history) with the intent – as Pino Arpioni, Fioretta Mazzei e Antinesca Tilli wrote – “to provide the reader of every text concerning La Pira with the revelation of his aspect, of his vivacity, of the battles, the defeats and the victories he went through, and above all of his constantly renewed act of faith, his most authentic spiritual itinerary gushing from the well-aware experience of the Grace of the Lord and the certainty of the Resurrection”. Undoubtedly La Pira – as the President of the Mario Primicerio Foundation wrote in the introduction of this new volume – “expressed himself not only with words, but with every single gesture, smile, gaze”. The knowledge a reader gets from his writings is naturally completed by the images depicting him in every moment of his life.
The publication of 1997 was so successful that it went quickly out of print: thirty-five years after La Pira’s death, this new book – that includes a synthetic and fresh “narration” of his life – will allow to better understand and contextualize the selection of photographic images, here renovated and extended. The book, as Mario Primicerio underlines, will permit a reflection on what is “behind” the pictures: for instance, the one portraying La Pira with the poor people of the Badia, or the one of 1955, during the Cold War, with the Mayors of the world’s Capitals (including Moscow and Beijing). The reader will understand the social meaning of the picture with the workmen of the Pignone or the Foundry of Le Cure, the political meaning of the picture with Mehmet V, Nasser, Martin Buber, the profound religious meaning of the affectionate handshake with Pope Paul VI. And, of course, he will understand the value of the immense crowd of people (the entire city) at the day of La Pira’s funeral.

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