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Preghiera e vita
La direzione spirituale come relazione di amicizia nel carteggio La Pira-Ramusani

Polistampa, 2011

Pages: 536

Features: paperback

Size: 14x21

ISBN: 978-88-596-0995-7


I libri della Badia, 16


DSU4 / Religione

L7 / Epistolari


Giorgio La Pira

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Italian text

This volume describes the key steps in the spiritual journey of the young Giorgio La Pira (conversion, vocation, consecration, mission) and addresses the issues to which he devoted his most mature reflection (Christocentric spirituality, Marial Christianity, supernatural anthropology, life of grace and sanctity, inner life, sacramental life, Church, prayer, apostolate), setting the basis for the confirmation and deepening of his vocation. Pancaldo analyzes La Pira’s correspondence with Don Raffaele Bensi, his letters to friends in the “Ut Unum Sint” group, his diary, his correspondence with Father Agostino Gemelli and Ezio Franceschini, and some letters to Fioretta Mazzei.
La Pira viewed vocational accompaniment as a form of friendship, as attested by his correspondence with Paola Ramusani. Published here for the first time, it comprises 224 letters, of which 221 written by La Pira between 1940 and 1975, and only three by Ramusani, one sent to La Pira and two to Fioretta Mazzei after the Professor’s death. These letters give us some information on Ramusani: she was a young teacher whom La Pira met in Canazei in June 1940, she lived with her family in Reggio Emilia, and she devoted her life to God. Pancaldo identifies and analyzes the main subjects of the correspondence. Here as well, they include spiritual friendship, ministeriality, bearing witness, and exhortation to prayer and virginity.

“Giorgio La Pira is known as a brave witness to the Gospels in the academic world, a member of the Order of Saint Vincent who organized poor relief, a professorino (young intellectual) in the postwar Constituent Assembly, a member of Parliament, mayor of Florence, a bold pioneer in promoting dialogue between peoples, a prophet of world peace, and a brave witness to the Christian faith and fidelity to the Church. This book helps us to enter more deeply into the intimacy of his life and discover him as a faithful friend and wise companion in the spiritual field. It will surely help all those who want to commit themselves seriously to the path of faith. It will be especially useful to those who—whether priests or not—are called upon to provide spiritual companionship for helping others to follow the way of the Gospel faithfully, living their lives as a response to God’s love.” (from the preface by Cardinal Silvano Piovanelli)

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