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Le invenzioni di Alfredo Fabbri

Polistampa, 2011

Pages: 24

Features: ill. col., br.

Size: 22x22

ISBN: 978-88-596-0988-9


A2 / Arte moderna e contemporanea


Alfredo Fabbri

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The book is the catalog of the retrospective exhibition held in Montecatini Terme, Pistoia, in October 2011, dedicated to the paintings of Alfredo Fabbri (Grosseto, 1926-2010). Introduced by critical texts by Gigi Salvagnini and Roberto Giovannelli, the volume reproduces in color 30 oil paintings that were on display, and is accompanied by a list of exhibitions and by a bibliography.
Alfredo Fabbri exhibited in Milan, Paris, New York, Burgdof (Switzerland). He was in contact with Rosai, Soffici e Loffredo, and he was praised by Mario Luzi, Giovanni Michelucci, Nicola Micieli, Tommaso Paloscia, Geno Pampaloni. In 1988 he illustrated the Parisian Suite by the poet Piero Bigongiari.