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Dress Less to Impress
2989 imago

Polistampa, 2011

Curated by:

Annalisa Rosso

Pages: 216

Features: col ills, paperback

Size: 23x21

ISBN: 978-88-596-0930-8


A2 / Arte moderna e contemporanea

TL4 / Spettacolo

TL5 / Moda

TL8 / Fotografia

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Italian and English text

2989 imago is an asteroid of the solar system with an average diameter of 12.5 km. Looking at the earth from this very small planet guarantees the purity of a detached and free vision

“With meticulous detail, Pier Paolo Quaglia has reworked a variety of images, details, patterns and graffiti reclaiming them for his work today. On the same level as brushstrokes, palette, work and colors, these figures removed from their context in the world of communication, are utilized to create a new meaning, entirely different from their original intent… With a healthy dose of amorality, society is revealed for what it is…
Amidst the lights and colored reflections that are suggestive of advertising and a certain type of Pop aesthetic, the end results clearly have soul. Just as our souls tend to camouflage and anesthetize themselves against the dizzying whirlwind of modern communication. Pier Paolo Quaglia frequented the design and fashion worlds, environments prone to frivolity jet at the same time grounded in absolute dedication, therefore he is well aware of the many hidden facets in this message…” (Annalisa Rosso)