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Lettere di un povero diavolo. Carteggio (1903-1931)
Con altre testimonianze epistolari su Dino Campana (1903-1998)

Polistampa, 2011

Curated by:

Gabriel Cacho Millet

Pages: 496

Features: b/w ills, paperback

Size: 17x24

ISBN: 978-88-596-0861-5


Il Diaspro | Epistolari, 13


L1 / Studi, storia della letteratura

L7 / Epistolari

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A lively, faithful portrait of the poet and early-twentieth-century Italian literature

Italian text

This volume is the crowning achievement of decades of work, in which one of Dino Campana’s most attentive and assiduous specialists was able to collect all of his correspondence—including some unpublished letters—with Aleramo, Boine, Cardarelli, Cecchi, Novaro, Papini, Prezzolini, Serra, Soffici, and others. The result is a lively, faithful portrait of the poet and early-twentieth-century Italian literature. The abundant illustrations feature a hitherto unknown photograph of Campana taken in the hills near his birthplace.
“Reconstructing a correspondence is like building a temple: stone by stone. It’s a work that requires time and patience [...]. Ian Gibson, Federico García Lorca’s biographer, wrote that you can’t send anyone to replace you, because what you might discover would not be seen by the other person as you see it. And when you find the piece you were looking for, the missing letter, the one that allows you to complete your puzzle, at least in part, you feel almost ecstatic. And if it were not so, one would not keep looking. Instead, every day brings us an adventure, however big or small. Personally, I have ended up putting Dino Campana in my dreams—from the time, way back in 1978, when I published with Vanni Scheiwiller Le mie lettere sono fatte per essere bruciate [“My letters are made to be burned], the first selection of correspondence of the poet from Marradi with his contemporaries” (from the Prologue by Gabriel Cacho Millet).

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