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Literary and Composer Museums and Research
Proceedings of the ICLM Annual Conference 2008

Polistampa, 2009

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For the first time in its history ICLM held an annual conference in Italy from September 15th to 17th, 2008. The main subject of the conference was ‘Literary and Composer Museums and Research’. The nearly 20 papers were divided into different sections: ‘Literary Museums’ and ‘Composer Museums’, ‘General Aspects’ and ‘Case Studies’. A third group was dedicated to ‘The Role of Literary Museums - Today and Tomorrow’. Most papers came from Committee members, some from guests, like that read by Harald Hendrix (Utrecht University), who gave a fairly interesting view from without: ‘Research on Writers’ Houses: Results and Prospects’; another guest paper was read by Vincenzo Raffaele Segreto (Casa della Musica and Toscanini House, Parma) on ‘Music and Research: the Innovative Example of the Casa della Musica’. All in all, papers document the wide range of research carried out in museums, either done completely museum-based or in cooperation with academies or universities. For the future the reflection should continue on the type of research museums can and should do on their own, on research which needs partners in the academic world, and on research the museums should invite scholars for.

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