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Oriana Fallaci
Morirò in piedi

Polistampa, 2008

Pages: 80

Features: paperback

Size: 12x17

ISBN: 978-88-596-0274-3


Libro verità | Prima Serie, 11


L5 / Biografie

SS1 / Politica


Oriana Fallaci

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Italian edition

“Riccardo, the West is sick, it’s lost its will to fight, it opposes Islamic fundamentalism with empty values. Europe has become spineless”. 
“I’m near the end, Riccardo, and I want to die in Florence. I told you that in New York. And now the time has come. But I’ll die standing on both my feet, like Emily Brontë”.

No other writer or journalist from the 20th century was able to raise debates as Oriana Fallaci was. Her books, translated all over the world, her news reports and her invectives in the main international newspapers made her one of the top protagonists of literature and journalism. Riccardo Nencini, a friend of hers, reports the entire day they spent together shortly before her death tackling the most burning topical subjects such as the Western Crisis, Terrorism and European Identity. With this book Nencini shows us a new Fallaci, the private woman, unveiling many unknown aspects, a woman eaten up by illness but still free and defiant.

Special Award «Neva Bazzichi 2007» Winner - Extraordinary Award «Scrittore toscano dell’anno 2007» Winner

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