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L’arte di fare i cappelli
Versione italiana ed inglese con un’appendice in lingua tedesca curata da Caroline Felber e tradotta da Mario Ballerini

Polistampa, 2006

Pages: 136

Features: col ills, paperback

Size: 17x24

ISBN: 978-88-596-0084-8


Testi e Studi, 14


A4 / Arti minori

TL5 / Moda

€ 12,75

€ 15 | Risparmio € 2,25 (15%)

Italian and English text (appendix in Italian and German)

Anna Nicolini admirably describes and represents millinery’s traditions. The hat, a status symbol par excellence – there is no uniform or livery that does not include one – is conveniently worn like any other article of clothing and as such it can have many different shapes. The hat can have a practical and protective function like in sport and at work, as well as in risky and dangerous activities, but the greatest satisfaction comes from wearing it for pleasure. The design of the hat shape, its use and refined decorations are typical phases of the artisan’s creation and it is exactly this collaboration between industry and artisans that allows making the most of two aspects: the distribution of a comparatively cheap and good quality product and its adaptability to fashion changes and to the demands of whoever is wearing it. This book is a small contribution which pays tribute to civilization by transferring to new generations the capacity to make things, the essence of man’s creative spirit.

1st edition: July 2006
1st reprint: November 2015

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