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The public and library: methodologies for the diffusion of reading

Polistampa, 1998

Curated by:

Grazia Asta

Paolo Federighi

Pages: 184

Features: paperback

Size: 17x24

ISBN: 88-8304-048-1


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English text

Our aim is and has been to knock down “useless” libraries and to create libraries for the circulation, and not conservation, of books, libraries that must be for everybody and that, to thoroughly be such, must move, as much as possible, towards everybody. The need rose to rethink the library space and to experiment with different methods of bringing the book out of the istitutional premises, “out of the library’s walls”, and thus the library outside itself.
The meeting among the European partners allowed the libraries to open new horizons and cross national borders, encouraging exchange of experiences and information on their different realities, in the direction of the European integration. The project would never had existed and this book would never had been written without the Work Group’s unity and commitment to cooperate.