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From Economists to Economists
The International Spread of Italian Economic Thought, 1750-1950

Polistampa, 2001

Curated by:

Pier Francesco Asso

Pages: 368

Features: paperback

Size: 16x24

ISBN: 978-88-8304-352-9


Economisti Italiani, 4


DSU1 / Storia

SS1 / Politica

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English text

This book contains 12 essays which examine the international diffusion of Italian economic thought in 8 countries, namely England, France, Germany and Austria, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United States. Using different approaches, the contributors to this book discuss the international reputation of Italian economists between 1750 and 1950. This reconstruction of the flow of ideas from economists to economists provides original insights on the intellectual network (including institutions, learned societies, specialised journals and political authorities)in wich Italian economic thought was transmitted and circulated. It also serves to measure and explain the specific degree of influence which Italian economists managed to exert within different international contexts and among different groups of scholars. Galiani, Verri, Beccaria, Pantaleoni, Pareto, the Italian school of public finance and the Italian Economists in the interwar years are some of the authors whose reputation, knowledge and influence has been thoroughly investigated in these essays.