Riccardo Francovich

Riccardo Francovich is the most representative figure of Medieval Archeology in Italy, and one of the leaders of scientific debate in Europe. A professor at the University of Siena, and the man behind the Doctorate School which is now named after him, since 1974 he was the editor of the journal Archeologia Medievale, of which he was one of the founders. His work on many aspects of the discipline saw him hold prestigious institutional roles, including: Vice-Chairman of the International Society for the History of Medieval Ceramics in the Mediterranean Basin, Coordinator of the journal Archeologia e Calcolatori, chairman of the Society of Italian Medieval Archeologists (SAMI), and chairman of the Technical and Scientific Committee for Archeological Assets at the Ministry of Cultural Assets. As well as being an important academic figure, Riccardo Francovich was a great “field archeologist”; he directed a great many excavations in Tuscany and in other regions of Italy, and always sought to combine research and communication, transferring to local communities the results of scientific findings. And this was the way in which Francovich also took on the challenge, in the Colline Metallifere, of conservation of the memory of production processes. The preindustrial heritage of the Park is largely the result of these efforts.

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