Mauro Pagliai

Mauro Pagliai was born in Signa (Florence) in 1943.
He studied in a Salesian boarding school where, when he was just 12 years old, he already dreamt to become a typographer. When he was 22 he achieved his ambition: he opened a small typography in the city center of Florence, Polistampa. At the beginning only books on commission were reproduced there, then Polistampa became a publishing house. For Pagliai it was the beginning of a long career, whose achievements within the cultural area were acknowledged with the appointment first as Cavaliere and then as Commendatore al Merito della Repubblica Italiana.
As years passed by, and he widened his activity by meeting artists and writers, he established relations based on high esteem and friendship with important intellectuals, scholars, painters and poets of the XX century, such as Mario Luzi, Piero Bigongiari, Alessandro Parronchi, Fosco Maraini, Luigi Baldacci, Giorgio Luti, Cosimo Ceccuti, Ennio Di Nolfo, Fernando Botero.
Although he never passed a day without setting foot in his typography, he had the time to build a family with his wife Piera Bartolini. They had two children, Costanza and Antonio. His son followed him in the enterprise, also in 1999 when he started a new activity of cultural promotion, realizing art exhibitions in Italy and abroad, and more recently in the buyout of the glorious Teatro Niccolini where, once renovated, they want to found an international cultural center and a literary cafe.

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