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Il processo di Dante
Celebrato il 16 aprile 1966 nella Basilica di San Francesco in Arezzo

Polistampa, 2021

Curated by:

Dante Ricci

Pages: 280

Features: b/w & col ills, hardcover

Size: 16,5x24

ISBN: 978-88-596-2172-0


DSU7 / Anastatiche

L1 / Studi, storia della letteratura

SS3 / Diritto


Dante Alighieri

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Anastatic reprint. Italian text

In 1966, the year following the seventh centenary of Dante Alighieri’s birth, the famous trial against the “divin poeta” and other Florentines accused of “baratteria” was renewed in Arezzo. In 1302 Dante was in fact condemned to the stake, a sentence that meant exile for him. The acts of the “new” trial, published for the first time in 1967 by the well-known criminal lawyer Dante Ricci, are proposed in an anastatic edition that contains a rich historical and archival documentation along with the testimonies of famous lawyers, judges, and main characters of the Italian political and cultural life of that time.