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Archivio di Stato di Firenze
Cosimo I de’ Medici e l’invenzione del Granducato

Polistampa, 2019

Curated by:

Piero Marchi

Francesco Martelli

Pages: 108

Features: col ills, paperback

Size: 24x22

ISBN: 978-88-596-2057-0


DSU1 / Storia

DSU5 / Archivistica

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Italian text

It’s the catalog of the exhibition set up in the State Archives of Florence from 23 November 2019 to 18 January 2020, in the 500 years since the birth of Cosimo I de’ Medici. The book focuses on the life and political action of the future Grand Duke and his family, through a wide range of documents and testimonies. The text deals with various topics: Cosimo’s family, Medici heraldry, Cosimo’s residences, Archive and secret studies, From the Duchy to the Grand Duchy, The crowning.
Introductions by Eugenio Giani, Monica Grossi, Francesco Martelli. Texts by Paola Conti, Fabio D’Angelo, Daniela Fattori, Francesca Fiori, Piero Marchi, Francesco Martelli, Giuseppina Carla Romby.