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Quaderni Sidney Sonnino
Firenze. Lotta politica ed élites amministrative

Polistampa, 2019

Curated by:

Pier Luigi Ballini

Pages: 240

Features: paperback

Size: 17x24

ISBN: 978-88-596-1997-0


Quaderni Sidney Sonnino | Per la Storia dell’Italia Contemporanea, 4


DSU1 / Storia

SS1 / Politica

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Italian text

The volume focuses on a little-known parenthesis of the history of the administrative elections in Florence, Italy: events of politicians, movements and parties from 1889 – the year in which the Mayor, first appointed by the King, was voted for the first time by the City Council – until 1926, when fascism replaced the elected mayor with the “Podestà”.

Essays by Salvatore Cingari, Francesco Fusi, Sheyla Moroni.