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Coscienza cristiana e responsabilità democratica
Riflessioni politiche lungo i sentieri del Novecento

Polistampa, 2013

Curated by:

Omar Ottonelli

Pages: 424

Features: paperback

Size: 17x24

ISBN: 978-88-596-1148-6


Centro Studi “Amintore Fanfani” Arezzo | Studi, 2


DSU1 / Storia

DSU4 / Religione

SS1 / Politica

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Italian text (one text in French)

Elected in the Senate of the Italian Republic in 1963, Giuseppe Bartolomei (1923-1996) is mainly remembered for having been president of the senatorial group of the Christian democrats (Democrazia Cristiana)(1973-1980), Italian Minister of Agriculture (1980-1982) and president of Banca Toscana (1984-1996). The volume gathers a wide selection of his writings, both published and unpublished, testifying his extraordinary intellectual and political experience. With a preface by Paolo Nepi and a contribution by Romano Prodi, the book will allow the reader to rediscover the figure of this catholic animated by a profound faith in the great ideals of democracy, as well as of a protagonist of several political seasons: the Italian center-left wing, the student protest, the Years of Lead, the Moro affair, the gradual crisis of the Catholics’ party that will lead to the end of the First Republic. These are only some of the themes emerging from Bartolomei’s reflections. The volume is enriched by a complete bibliography of his writings.

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