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Archivio Giorgio La Pira
Lettere, appunti, discorsi

Polistampa, 2012

Pages: 576

Features: paperback

Size: 14x21

ISBN: 978-88-596-1129-5


I libri della Badia, 18


DSU1 / Storia

DSU4 / Religione

DSU5 / Archivistica

SS1 / Politica


Giorgio La Pira

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A precious instrument for adepts and for all those who study the social, political, cultural and spiritual dynamics of the contemporary world
Italian text

Tens of thousands of autograph documents by Giorgio La Pira (1904-1977), a mine of precious findings, most of them unpublished, which can help to reconstruct Italian, Mediterranean and World history.

This book completes the work started in 2009 with the publication of the inventory of all letters sent and received by Giorgio La Pira, between 1951 and 1977 (over 45 thousand letters). As a whole, the Archive guarded in La Pira Fuondation is a heritage of major historical importance, as stated by the Tuscany Archive Superintendence a few days after La Pira’s death: “The testimonies guarded in his papers reflect all events of the last forty years, the work he did in Italy since 1938 and abroad since 1951, and represent an essential instrument for documentary research and a deep study of politics in our time”.

The inventory is presented by works dealing with the archive’s general condition, and its consultation is made easier by an accurate index of names. It is addressed to scholars and to all those who are willing to deepen their knowledge of the political, cultural and spiritual history of Twentieth Century Italy.

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