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Le stanze dei tesori
Collezionisti e antiquari a Firenze tra Ottocento e Novecento

Polistampa, 2011

Curated by:

Lucia Mannini

Pages: 312

Features: col ills, paperback

Size: 24x26

ISBN: 978-88-596-0965-0


Piccoli, Grandi Musei,


A1 / Storia dell’arte

A4 / Arti minori

A6 / Collezionismo

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Italian and English text

Catalog from the 2012 Florentine exhibit on art collecting in nineteenth-century Florence, with critical texts examining the growth of the city’s great collections, their transformation into museum, antiquarian artists, national and international trade, as well as descriptions of some of the region’s most important museums to emerge from these collections.

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