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Lucy Jochamowitz

Polistampa, 2008

Pages: 88

Features: col ills, paperback

Size: 24x31

ISBN: 978-88-596-0496-9


A2 / Arte moderna e contemporanea


Lucy Jochamowitz

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Italian and English text

Lucy Jochamowitz is truly an unusual artist. Her best-known works - those mixed installations that form female figures similar to dolls or puppets, dressed in large ’skirts’ in various forms and materials - provoke in the spectator a feeling of surprise, strong emotion, and truly extraordinary admiration. Surprise: because the iconography produced by the artist presents itself in a completely original way, and leaves in one’s memory the excitement of rediscovering its possible roots. Strong emotion: because the artist’s works stand out for their sentimental value, expressive and, at times, anxiety. Admiration: because the techniques and materials used are the fruit of a manual bravura that is rarely found in the world of contemporary art.
The works presented in this catalog fully confirm the impressions that Jochamowitz provoked in me from the beginning. We see once again some of her extraordinary ’skirts’, such as the admirable skirt-boat and above all the gigantic skirt made of red translucent branches; however, there are many other pieces that show better how little we knew before of the artist’s symbolic universe. Meanwhile, we notice that some motifs return almost obsessively (and fruitfully), such as the branching off of strong, decisive colors, the female-puppet figures - which at times also seem to have somewhat masculine or at least ambiguous appearance - and finally the natural origins of some images, such as wood, tree trunks and other environmental details.
One certainly hopes that Lucy not only will never lose these characteristics, but that the art world will come to fully recognize her as she undoubtedly deserves. (Omar Calabrese).

Italian and English text by
Omar Calabrese, Claudio Magris, Catherine Monbeig Goguel