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Le opere di Dante
Testi critici a cura di F. Brambilla Ageno, G. Contini, D. De Robertis, G. Gorni, F. Mazzoni, R. Migliorini Fissi, P.V. Mengaldo, G. Petrocchi, E. Pistelli, P. Shaw riveduti da Domenico De Robertis e Giancarlo Breschi

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The new edition of Dante Alighieri’s works in a single volume
Italian text

After almost 90 years since its first edition, the Italian Dante Society presents again the traditional collection of Dante’s works in a volume. It had already appeared in Florence, with the same name, edited by Bemporad, in 1921. The texts were revised by new co-operators, also in their critical apparatus, which have been updated and made easier to consult.
The volume, together with Vita nova, Rime, Convivio, De vulgari eloquentia, MonarchiaEpistoleEglogheQuestio de aqua et terra  and the Divine Comedy, contains also Fiore and Detto d’amore. These two works were not included in the original edition, published by Bemporad in 1922, and edited by Ernesto Giacomo Parodi. They were included in this new edition because they are considered as strictly connected to the National Edition, by their present editor Gianfranco Contini, and as they can be ascribed to Dante also according to the Dante Society.
As for the refinement of the texts, they represent the most updated possible versions, responding to evidences and obtained through the use of the most modern methods. The vernacular works were those which needed particular care, because of the coexistence of different kinds of texts, written with different techniques and responding to different traditions, but with a common readability and recognisability.
The analytic index of names and subjects, updated and integrated, and provided with the reference to the pages of the present edition, helps "surfing" in the wide sea of Dante’s production. Besides the analytic index of names, the edition is provided with a list of rhymes and the integral concordances of all the vernacular and Latin works, on CD-Rom.

Almost a century after the first edition (Bemporad 1921) and in the VII centenary of Dante’s birth, the Italian Dante Society re-proposes the most challenging edition, meant for the scholar, the student, the enthusiast of Dante’s works. In a single volume the collection of Dante’s works in the most authoritative version, provided with indexes, settings, CD-Rom.

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