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Il Chianti. Storia, arte, cultura, territorio - n. 24
San Donato in Perano

Polistampa, 2007

Pagine: 112

Caratteristiche: ill. col., br.

Formato: 17X24

ISBN: 978-88-596-0279-8


Il Chianti. Storia, arte, cultura, territorio


A1 / Storia dell’arte

A3 / Architettura, urbanistica, territorio

DSU1 / Storia

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San Donato in Perano (municipal district of Gaiole in Chianti, Province of Siena) is located in one of the most charming and interesting areas in the entire Chianti region from a historical-landscape point of view. It has a dominating position and the area is considered an important archaeological one: the ruins would indicate the site has been inhabited since prehistoric times (8th-7th century B.C.). The two authors get the reader to the discovery of the territory. We know that in the middle of the 9th century, a population existed in the Chianti area that was characterised by very small open villages, sometimes with a church. All indications lead to hypothesis that has been a settlement in san Donato since the Etruscan-Roman period.
The villa of San Donato not only represents an important architectural structure but also a text, a sort of book that tells us very interesting and amazing stories.

Board of directors: Italo Moretti (President), Alfonso Sderci (Secretary), Giovanni Brachetti Montorselli (Treasurer).