Edizioni Polistampa | Firenze | Scheda Libro


Polistampa, 2006

Pages: 156

Features: paperback

Size: 15x21

ISBN: 88-596-0030-8


Selezione Narrativa Polistampa, 13


L3 / Racconti

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Italian text

Visioni is a collection of seven stories gathered around a vision, whether real or imagined. Hence the title - a token to William Blake. The first tale, Sangue (Blood) reconstructs the murder of a little girl as witnessed by several motorists who rest impotent (or indifferent?) to the crime. In Incubo (Nightmare) a girl recounts to her friends, or perhaps to herself, a particular embrace between her parents to which she was an involuntary witness. In Carne (Flesh) the apparition of his dead wife forces an old retired butcher, who has fallen down in his home, to a merciless examination of his life by his own conscience. Visione (Vision) recites the extra sensorial experience of a nature photographer who, in a moment of high tension and danger, encounters the spirits of nature. In Sirene (Sirens) the moment a bather drowns is given three different angles, including that of the victim. In Spirito (Spirit) a young farmer acquaints a friend with a Plant Doctor whose extraordinary encounter helps the farmer understand the vegetal world. Finally, in Ritorno (Ruturn) a writer decides to continue his novel in disregard of his publisher’s suggestions and impositions, aided by the vision of a little girl on a swing – perhaps, as the title of the story would suggest, the same little girl in the first story, though in a different time. Gian Maria Molli’s prose is rigorous, watchful and pays attention to the slightest detail. It is rich in technical terms yet must of all, in humanity. As poignantly stated by the protagonist in Ritorno “I recite life”.