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Firenze e Kyoto, città parallele

Polistampa, 2005

Curated by:

Cosimo Chiarelli

Pages: 48

Features: col ills, paperback

Size: 22x24

ISBN: 978-88-8304-861-6


A2 / Arte moderna e contemporanea

TL8 / Fotografia

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Italian, English and Japanese text

Florence and Kyoto were twinned because the two cities were considered the most well preserved and most characteristic centres of culture in their respective countries. Each was once a state capital (Florence until 1871 and Kyoto until 1868), each is today the main town of its region and a reference point for the cultural life of its country. The photographs of Fosco Maraini provide an appropriate setting for a comparison of the original and unique features of these two cities in an intelligent exhibition organized by one of the Florentine cultural centers par excellence, the Gabinetto Vieusseux. Maraini understood how to capture the historic basilicas and churches of the center of Florence, the palazzi of its great families, its gardens and those unmistakable signs of the historic architectural layers of the city. He understood also how to render the inimitable parks, temples and monasteries of a Kyoto that knows how to create a balance between modern life and its ancient roots. Time that allows the viewer to savour the similarities and differences between these two cities, distinguished from the outset as a city of “marble and stone”, and a city of “wood”; one centred on the human, the other on nature; one constructed linearly, the other asymmetric and free. Maraini’s eye – his own eye and his camera lens – sees them with his particular ma: the moment that inspired him to catch two very distant generations united by prayer, to wander freely through the water and leaves of Saihoji, to follow the geometric paths made to human design in the garden of the villa Gamberaia or to run along the tracks of the plough and the lines of the paddy fields. These are images of two worlds of still beauty, oases of peace captured in an instant and true to their essential lines. As to lines, perhaps the most emblematic photographs are the grilles and gratings set side by side: each braced to keep away the outside world, and each failing to do so.

Presentation by Adriana Boscaro e Maurizio Bossi
Con un saluto di Eugenio Giani, assessore alle Relazioni internazionali e ai Gemellaggi del Comune di Firenze
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