Tiana Ciccone Biagini
“Coming in the front door of the newly acquired studio, I saw before me, high on a wooden easel, a beautifully colored pastel portrait… I thought that I should help to finish it. I reached out and carefully chose a piece of pastel chalk. I stretched up as far as I could, and started working on the face, with circular strokes… I was about four, when I started helping my father, Antonio Ciccone. I did get reprimanded for having ‘ruined’ the portrait ‘Papi’ was working on… but that didn’t stop me from participating in the activities developing at the Ciccone studio! I don’t do any of the actual art work. I do, however, help in executing spolveri. The involvement in activities consists in planning and organizing shows; designing and editing invitations, catalogues and books; up-dating the website; creating archives, etc.”
Curated by Tiana Ciccone Biagini