Umberto Cecchi

Umberto Cecchi has been the director of the newspaper “La Nazione” for many years, where he had also worked as news editor and special correspondent in Italy and abroad, especially in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. He directed “il Giornale della Toscana”, the television company Odeon TV, and the series “On the Road” for the publisher Vallecchi. He reported about Tiananmen Square Massacre, Lebanon (together with Oriana Fallaci), Pol Pot’s Cambodia. Among his interviews, we have to mention those with Borges, Nelson Mandela, general Giap, winner of Diem Bien Phu, Julius Nierere and Sam Nunjoma, presidents of Tanzania and Namibia. And again, with Pinochet, Amin Dadà, Siad Barre, Deng. But als with Arafat and Kathami from Iran, with Bush senior, and Kuwait sheik. He wrote about fifteen books for which he received important recognitions: La luna di Harar (Giorgio Mondadori, 1999), Sulla via dorata per Samarcanda (Vallecchi, 2005), Il risveglio del drago. Vietnam: tradizione, presente e futuro (Touring Club, 2005), Le ceneri del Baobab (Vallecchi, 2008), Giacomo Puccini e le cattive ragazze (Carlo Zella, 2009), Oriana Fallaci. Cercami dov’è il dolore (Mauro Pagliai, 2013), Diana, l’ultimo viaggio (Mauro Pagliai, 2017), È sempre così al mattino (Mauro Pagliai, 2017). Tireless traveller, he was one of the few Europeans who managed to stay in the Andaman islands during the Eighties. He was deputy in the Parliament, president of the commission for community policies, municipal councilor in Florence. He collaborates with the magazines “Nuova Antologia” and “Art’è” and his essays have been published on several magazines in Italy and Abroad.

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