Tiziano Bonanni

Tiziano Bonanni, the artist, one of the leading figures on the contemporary artistic scene, is a painter, sculptor designer and free-lance teacher. He is the founder and president of RST ART ACADEMY, a school of training and specialization in the arts of drawing and painting operating at Scandicci, in the Province of Florence, since 1997.
After graduating from the Florence Academy of Fine Arts in 1990, Bonanni worked as free-lance teacher and designer for famous Italian brands in the fields of fashion and craftsmanship. In 2014 he was awarded a degree in the specialized two-year course Visual Arts and New Expressive Languages in Painting from the same Academy.
As athlete and judoka he has drawn inspiration from the martial arts, combining them with his own humanist roots to achieve top quality in every activity of life and art, as a principle of excellence. Deep ties bind him to Florence, his city. An honorary member of Florence’s major cultural institutions, he has played for the Santo Spirito quarter in the game of football in historical costume.
The most recent results of his artistic research consist of the unique creations in GENS STYLE called “transitions”.

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