Valeria d’Aquino

Archaeologist, Scientific Collaborator of Archaeology Superintendency of the Tuscany Region, Lecturer, Scuola di Specializzazione in Archeologia, University of Florence, with a course on Computational archaeology. The use of computer technologies on modelling and development of a methodology allowing cataloguing, storage and retrieving archaeological data, with a particular focus on the use of databases and CAD applied on archaeological survey and mapping. (15 hours of lessons: 1 CFU). Scientific Curator of the forthcoming exibit I romani di piazza Duomo a Firenze (Romans in St. John’s Square), committed by Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore. Research appointment of the majolica pottery excavated in San Marco Monastery. The research is committed by Polo Museale Fiorentino. Scientific collaborator “ New multimedia sources for The Historic-Topographic Museum”, The discovery of Ancient Florence troughout a new layout of the archaeological artefacts in the so-called “Cortile dei Fiorentini” (Dir. C. Cianferoni). Scientific collaborator of the Project “Maria Maddalena dei Medici: new data from the exhumation of the princess body” (Dir. C. Cianferoni, M. Scudieri).

Curated by Valeria d’Aquino