Teresa Minguzzi Gianuizzi

Teresa Minguzzi Gianuizzi was born in Ferrara in 1937 and lives in Florence. She worked as an English teacher in junior high schools and high schools. She is married to Pietro and has three daughters (Maria Francesca, Caterina and Maria Luisa) and three grandchildren (Lorenzo, Emma and Maria Sofia). She has been part for several years of catholic training and sharing groups and she is a member of the “Associazione Sant’Ignazio, Florence.
She wrote many religion books: Il Vangelo secondo la nonna (Sarnus, 2011), Le perle del Vangelo (Sarnus, 2012), Percorsi di luce (Sarnus, 2013), I ricordi del cuore (Este, 2013), All’aurora ti cerco. Preghiere e riflessioni sui salmi (Polistampa, 2015).

by Teresa Minguzzi Gianuizzi