Roberto Sani

Roberto Sani (b. 1958 in Rome) is professor of the History of Education at Macerata University’s Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, where he teaches the history of education. Coordinator of the research doctorate in the Theory and History of Education and director of the Centre for Documentation and Research into the History of School Books and Children’s Literature at Macerata University, he is also the founder and chief editor of the international scientific review «History of Education & Children’s Literature»He is the author of several books and of numerous essays and articles on the history of education and the school in the modern era and in contemporary society, as well as on Italian education policy from the 19th to the 20th centuries. His most recent publications include: ‘Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam’. Istituti religiosi, educazione e scuola nell’Italia moderna e contemporanea (Macerata 2009), and, in conjunction with A. Ascenzi, Il libro per la scuola nel ventennio fascista (Macerata 2009).

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