Marco Fidolini

Marco Fidolini was born in S. Giovanni Valdarno in 1945.
From 1965, amongst his artistic activities can be enumerated many personal exhibitions and participations to national and international events. He has published various essays on Art (Futurism, Metaphysics, New Objectivity, Masaccio, Caravaggio, Goya, Hogarth, Van Gogh, Gris, Carrà, Severini, etc.) and several volumes on the futuristic works of Lucio Venna. Diverse monographies have been dedicated to the person and works of Marco Fidolini. In 2008 with Polistampa he published an essay on painting (Art and Artifice - Underestimations, Mystifications and Delirium), by proposing a series of readings, from the Eighteen Hundreds to the present day, tendentially in opposition to the most authoritative and acclaimed history of art recorded. In 2009 he published the volume A Grand Bitter Profession – Testimonies and Reflections of a Painter and in 2015 Il Novecento a zigzag - Effrazioni critiche sugli aspetti figurativi della pittura (2015), Scritti su Masaccio: certezze e dubbi (2020).

by Marco Fidolini