Pietro Manzo

Pietro Manzo was born in Sant’Arsenio in the province of Salerno, Italy, in 1981 but he now lives and works in Florence. Graduating in painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence in 2006, he won the Accademia delle Arti del Disegno award in 2009, which allowed him to spend five years working in the studio of the late Tito Conti in Florence. He has been showing his work in both personal and collective exhibitions since 2005.
Hismain personal exhibitions include: Under Construction at the Pah! Project Gallery in Fribourg, Switzerland, in 2011 and Interni at the Galleria Falteri in Florence in 2010.
His main collective exhibitions include: POINTOF VIEW, Pitture Imperfette, curated by Gino Pisapia at the Galleria Fuori Campo in Siena in 2014; Da Michelangelo alla Contemporaneità at the Archivio di Stato in Florence in 2014; Finalisti Premio Celeste 2013 at the PAN Palazzo delle Arti in Naples in 2013; The State of Art in the Accademie, Tese di San Cristoforo, Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in Venice in 2011; COME/beCOME at the SACI Gallery in Florence in 2011; ARTOUR-O il MUST at the Temporary Museum in Florence in 2011; Italia at the Officina 64 in the Palazzo Corsini in Florence in 2011; Agorà, Game Over/ Play Again at the Brunelleschi Industrie site in Le Sieci in the province of Florence in 2009; Millu-meno at the Palazzo San Galgano in Siena in 2009; and La terra ha bisogno degli Uomini at the Reggia di Caserta in Caserta in 2008.
Awards: Premio Ora International in 2013; second prize in the “Painting” section in the Premio Celeste 2013; The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant in Montreal, Canada, in 2013; shortlisted for the Premio Combat in Livorno in 2013; Premio Internazionale Città di Bozzolo in Mantua in 2011; Premio Biennale IMPRIMATVR at SanMartino dall’Argine in the province ofMantua in 2010; and the Premio Tito e Maria Conti in Florence in 2009.

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